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Oceanographers say the Bermuda Rise either juts up from the deep Atlantic Ocean floor in the form of three steep-sided mountains, the largest of which supports the Bermuda today, on the southern margin of a shallow water platform, with Challenger and Argus (or Plantagenet) Banks to the southwest, The Bermuda Mountain is longer - 32 miles - than the land area width and much wider - 16 miles wide - than the maximum land width of 1.5 miles.At sea, the Argus and Challenger Banks are round and about 6 miles across.The Castle Group of islands, Darrell's Island, Nonsuch Island and Paget Island are typical of those closed to most visitors.In November, 2012 two of the six Fairylands area islands were advertised for sale, for 0,000.Once, it was owned and run by the British military as part of the string of then-strategic islands that stretched from the Dockyard to Hamilton, In 1870, the British Army, in conjunction with the Royal Navy, worried about the vulnerability of its stores of weaponry at Ordnance Island in St.

He owned 50 acres of Pembroke land, including both the hill and the island that bears his name. It can be seen from the Fairylands shoreline by cruise ship and ferry boat passengers.

The map below, from west to east, shows how they relate to each other geographically.

With the exception of Devonshire Parish, no Parish shows boundary signs. Some were absorbed into one of the former military bases or been blasted away or merged with a neighboring island.

Bermuda's first aquarium was here in 1908, as the forerunner to the Bermuda Aquarium, Natural History Museum and Zoo in Hamilton Parish.

The island has guest houses, two beaches, three docks, a swimming pool, tennis and squash courts, and more, as described below.2014. Agars Island, which was the home of one of the worlds leaders in computer science the late Dr James Martin, went on the market, according to Private Islands Online.

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Below the level of limestone and 450 feet below sea level is volcanic rock; and below that, only black lava and other igneous volcanic rock. Most visitors' maps portray Bermuda, wrongly, as only one island. The largest by far is Great Bermuda or Main Island, neither of which phrase is used locally.

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