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Patti tells Tommy to order for Allison then leaves. Then she talks to Aaron who is starting an organic margarita company. He’s smart, tall and wants to get married and have kids. Patti says she’s saving him for another picky woman. He says he dates all ages and was married and had one son. Then she talks to Steve, a 61 year old and likes him but saves him for another day. She introduces Devin to Allison and Tommy then takes Devin downstairs to meet the guys. He tells her he spends a lot of time being a soccer dad coaching his son’s team. He says fitness is a big part of his life and she says it is in hers too.

Patti comes back to the office and complains to Candace and David about Allison and says she’s emasculating him and that he used to be a stripper. She sits her down with them and Patti, Candace and David step out. He says he even looks on vacation for places to work out.

She says Tommy has something in his past she’s not sure she can get over. Patti says she’s been counseling couples for years. She says she dated Apollo Ono for a long time and he really messed her up. Todd says he didn’t have instant chemistry with her but Aaron seemed to like her.

Allison chose badly when Patti tried to fix her up. Patti asks if he was hitting on her or she hit on him. Patti then goes back to Allison and tells David to take Tommy away.

Patti asks when they have sex and she asks if Tommy gave her monogamy first. She shows Allison what Devin is going through and says she needs to be beta not alpha.

Allison says she’s a very intense athlete but this let her expressed herself in a more feminine way.

” Tonight’s episode is going to be another drama packed one, which you won’t want to miss. She was a fat child but has now mastered being healthy.

So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Bravos’ The Millionaire Matchmaker Season 8 episode 8 – tonight at 8PM EST! She says she doesn’t want a guy who wants to live off her life. Patti asks how she meets guys and she says she doesn’t.

She asks Devin how she flirts then says she’s bad at it.

Patti says guys don’t see her as sexual and Devin says the wrong guys ask her out.

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