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return to the Library Subject Index Homeowners Insurance When You Downsize by Gary Foreman - Choosing the right insurance for your new home What Boomers Need to Know About Homeowners Insurance by Gary Foreman - Make sure you're not paying too much or covering too little Homeowners Insurance Basics by Gary Foreman - What you need to know about homeowners insurance.

Why You Need a Home Inventory by Rick Kahler - Do you have enough insurance and could you collect?

Consult the stars -- in the program's five-star rating system. Don answers readers' questions on everything from student loans to home refinances.

- See if a worker old enough for Medicare can keep getting HSA money from the boss. - Health savings accounts can grow over time to become a significant part of your wealth.5 essential facts about health insurance - Find out the fundamentals every consumer needs to understand about health coverage. - To find a plan that's "just right," do an examination of your needs and priorities.Health insurance frequently asked questions - Find out what you want to know, starting with the basic question: What is health insurance?Some of them are making serious mistakes when they sign up. - Seniors covered by health insurance may not have to rush to sign up for Medicare.Medicare Advantage plans rated like hotels - A good Medicare Advantage plan?

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