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The video begins with three officers on top of Salman, who was trying to swallow the cocaine bags at the time.Salman can be seen bucking his body and kicking his legs as the officers struggle to keep him on the ground.Gillespie-Amato called one black woman “a ghetto ass with an education….not,” appeared to threaten the woman for trying to report her comments to the Police Department, and mocked people for criticizing Rizzo, Philadelphia’s mayor from 1972 to 1980.In the footage the police leaned on the man's chest as they appeared to be handcuffing him and then punch him directly in the face.And in July 2016 police officers in Leicester were filmed punching and pepper spraying a suspect.Salman was found to be in possession of cocaine and was violently resisting detention at the time.A Met Police spokesman said no complaint was made about the officer by Salman, but his conduct had been investigated and deemed appropriate.

Supporters of Rizzo have said he was a hero who made the city safer. Gillespie-Amato’s case is not the first time activists have brought attention to a Philadelphia police officer’s home address.“Play with me with my job and see what happens,” Gillespie-Amato told Easter Flythe, 21, of Philadelphia, one of the people who filed a complaint.“And when you find out where I work you could come visit me.” Gillespie-Amato also appeared to refer to Mayor Kenney — whose administration has said it plans to move the Rizzo statue — as a “ugly miser looking pu— mayor.” She told Flythe, “There’s probably not a man in your family that could hold Rizzo’s jock strap.” As of Friday, the comments were no longer visible on the Vintage Philadelphia post.Suddenly, one officer begins rapidly punching him 26 times with considerable force in the back.Salman was convicted of possession of cocaine and three counts of resisting and obstructing a police constable following the incident.

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He was charged the following month.'With regard to the officer's conduct, the spokesman added: 'After the footage was brought to the attention of the Metropolitan Police on 5 November, the matter was referred to the Directorate of Professional Standards and deemed appropriate for a borough level investigation by the local Professional Standards Unit. The officers shown in the footage have been identified. 'No complaint has been received from the person who was arrested.'Similar footage from the same month also emerged showing police officers punching a man in the face as he was pinned down by three officers.

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