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Score by matching and making the board total equal a multiple of five (5, 10, 15, 20, etc.). Bones in your hand that cannot be played are darkened.

When you drag a bone to play, a ghost image will indicate the closest legal play, while the gold arrows point to other areas where that domino can be legally played.

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Unser Name erinnert an die mittelalterliche Stiftsschule, die in Xanten schon im 9.

Wir sehen unsere Aufgabe darin, auch an einem eher ländlichen Standort ein hochwertiges und breites Bildungsangebot zu machen.

Dadurch bestärken wir unsere Schülerinnen und Schüler darin, ihre Persönlichkeit frei zu entfalten und verantwortungsbewusst eigene Wege zu gehen.

The bot selects some really strange openers when that happens! you are not able to play rated games with the computer.

If your hand becomes filled or the bone pile has been exhausted and you still cannot play, your turn is skipped.

Weil dies unser gemeinsames Ziel ist, gehören einzigartige und innovative Angebote zu unserem vielfältigen Schulleben.

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In the online version of this classic board game, to play a bone, match the ends of a bone in play with the end of one in your hand.

If you cannot match, you must draw from the bone pile until you can play.

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