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Rynn Berry adds, "To be sure, Hitler professed to be a vegetarian..., but the primary sources that I have cited in my book show that while he paid lip service to vegetarianism, he was not consistent in his practice of the diet." The fact is, many people use the word "vegetarian" to describe diets that aren't vegetarian at all, and Hitler's case is no exception.

An article from May 30, 1937, 'At Home With The Fuhrer' says, "It is well known that Hitler is a vegetarian and does not drink or smoke.

They don't feel threatened by someone being a chess-player.

But once the issue is vegetarianism, it's a different story.

If you were keeping score, that would be, Vegetarian Mass Murderers: 1, and then Non-Vegetarian Mass Murderers: 100's. If a meat-eater is (mistakenly) told that Franklin was a vegetarian, they'll often demand to know whether he ever ate meat, and if it's admitted that he did, well, then that's their "Aha! They'll triumphantly exclaim, "So Franklin wasn't really a vegetarian, was he?!

That is, it would not "pretty well destroy [our] belief system". If Hitler were fond of chess, that wouldn't invalidate chess.Before we see the evidence that Hitler wasn't a vegetarian, it's important to look at where the argument that he was comes from, because it's an argument that's rarely made honestly.People who insist that Hitler was a vegetarian usually just "heard it" somewhere, and immediately assumed it was true.But the standard for Franklin is different: Franklin has to avoid meat 100% of the time, for his entire life, from the day he's born to the day he dies, unwaveingly, otherwise he's not really considered a vegetarian at all.It's like if Hitler ever had a meatless meal then he's a vegetarian while if Franklin ate fish once after sixty years meat-free then he's not.

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