Kangana ranaut dating history

alongside Shahid Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan."I just want to focus on promoting "Rangoon" right now.

This is how Katrina’s name has come to the fore the minute Kangana reignited her Hrithik controversy. Now, since she was talking of the year 2014, it is known to one and all that Hrithik was shooting with Katrina Kaif in Manali around that time for Bang Bang.

So, here is how the story unfolded, much of which has been taken from Panscholi’s published version of an interview that he gave after the two had broken off. He was supervising the construction of the building for a friend who had gone to Dubai for some work. The downpour prevented the actor from stepping out of his car.

With one of the car doors open, his eyes began wandering off out of boredom. On the other side of the road, a thin and fair girl was sitting on a bike under a roof of a shop. They both seemed to have emerged from the nearby Asha Chandra Acting Institute and were stuck in the rains.

Zarina echoed his views, “If I start talking like her, then what is the difference between her and me? She knows and so do we what is in Kangana's past. What is the point of digging up stuff that is 14 to 15 years old?

But today, considering the successful position she is in, I wish she had behaved in a more dignified manner... If she found Aditya to be such a bad person, why was she with him? When I first heard what she was saying, I felt bad for her actually. Now what can I say, she can do whatever she wishes, but till today, I have never wished ill for anyone.” Does Zarina feel Kangana is making these claims to promote her film ‘Simran’? Everyone knows she was a struggler back then, and I don’t want to talk about it. We don’t want to say anything right now because whatever we say will affect her film as it’s going to release soon, so let things be for now.

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