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The report describes the women becoming increasingly isolated from their friends and family – often a telltale sign of domestic abuse - as they have their phone numbers removed and replaced with a phone that only Kelly can call.The women in question were spotted by Kelly as aspiring singers and according to their parents, the superstar made promises to mentor the young talent.The allegations did nothing to stop us loving the R Kelly “dirty dawg” image. And audiences, like they did with Woody Allen and Roman Polanski, fall over themselves to to separate the man from the music, the artist from the art, when they love the work.Indeed there is an argument to say that if anything, the allegations fuelled his success. The question for me is: is it even possible to separate the man from the music given the music is so damn close to the alleged crimes – once you know about them – or are we just ignoring victimisation, therefore perpetuating it?But their relationships are said to have quickly turned sexual, with encounters regularly being filmed and allegedly distributed to Kelly’s friends.The story is supported by an audio recording, testimony from women who formerly held similar relationships with Kelly, and a heartbreaking account from “J”, the mother of one of the young women, panicked and desperate for her daughter’s wellbeing. Kelleher is a pediatrician whose research interests focus on accessibility, effectiveness and quality of health care services for children and their families, especially those affected by mental disorders, substance abuse or violence.He has a longstanding interest in formal outcomes research for mental health and substance abuse services. Kelleher is director of the Center for Innovation in Pediatric Practice and vice president of Health Services Research at The Research Institute at Nationwide Children's Hospital. Kelleher is also Professor in the Department of Pediatrics of The Ohio State University College of Medicine.

They were being discussed in the smoking area among the few guests who didn’t rush the dance floor at the opening bars of R Kelly’s hit single .Yesterday Buzzfeed reported that 48-year-old R Kelly is effectively brainwashing women – some as young as 17 – into sexual behaviour, with one parent describing the set-up as a “cult”.The women, who are of legal age of consent, currently live in some of R Kelly’s private homes, and according to the report, are given strict rules about how they can dress, how they interact with people, specifically other men, and how often they bathe.There have apparently been other examples that follow the same pattern.As for R Kelly himself, he has either denied or avoided answering questions about the alleged abuse, and has managed to continue a highly successful career that has enabled him – if the allegations are true – to continue using his position to groom women and evade justice.

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