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From this list of rooms, select the proper meeting room from the schedule: If you receive an error message, you may have entered the room too soon, and can try entering the "SMART Recovery 24/7 Chat" room while you wait.

Once you are in the meeting room, you will need to enable your microphone to speak.

You just look like a lost dog trying to tell the cops that Timmy fell down that fucking well again.

The only time you should not be using a microphone in this game is if you plan on just being a jackass. If you’re just going to tell me how you had sex with my mom or use racist words for no reason at all, then don’t bother turning your microphone on.

Also, please use game chat to talk with everyone and stop trying to invite me to your party.To do this, start by clicking the microphone icon on the top right of your screen: After this, you may get a confirmation dialog asking you to allow or deny.Make sure you select "Allow": After selecting "Allow", you will see a small black box.It also not responding after 2 second video record. Legal Disclaimer: "Free" beats are meant for non-profit, non-commercial, limited use only. Any intention of duplication or commercial, for-profit use requires you to purchase a license.

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If possible, please use the same username and email address you use on the UK site to make things easier. If you've already registered with SMART Recovery USA, or have logged out since your first registration, you may need to login.

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