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Anonymous apps are notorious hubs for cyberbullying because kids feel emboldened to say things they wouldn't normally.

New apps in this category include safety precautions, but you should still keep an ear out for potential issues. This app and website lets people ask questions of friends or all users.

Talk about their social media, ask questions – and listen.

Pay attention to anything that sounds like a red flag and dig deeper.

Helping your kid learn to use social media responsibly is the most effective way to help them stay safe online.

The combination of anonymity and proximity led to the downfall of similar apps such as Yik Yak. An Arabic word that translates roughly to "honesty," Sarahah lets you send anonymous comments to friends.

The ones to watch out for this year include anonymous apps, live streaming, group chatting, and friending, which bring up risks associated with giving blunt "feedback," broadcasting yourself to the internet, oversharing, and meeting strangers.

It's tough to keep up with all the latest apps kids get into.

Live Streaming As with live TV, users simply aim the camera on themselves and broadcast to whomever is following them.

Since there's no delay – and kids are often streaming from their bedrooms – there's a real risk of giving away personal or even intimate information.

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