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This means that a program should place the component's rendering code inside a particular overridden method, and the toolkit will invoke this method when it's time to paint.

The method to be overridden is in Developers who are new to AWT might want to take a peek at the Paint Demo example, which provides a runnable program example of how to use the paint callback in an AWT program.

If you are working with PHP, It maybe '/Getting Started/Person List.php' ..

j Table performs an ajax POST request to this URL to get records when you call the load method. All common server side technologies have ability to create these objects easily (see samples below). If it is "OK", Records property must be an array of records.

While the article covers the general paint mechanism ( components existed ("heavyweight" means that the component has it's own opaque native window).

This allowed the AWT to rely heavily on the paint subsystem in each native platform.

This scheme took care of details such as damage detection, clip calculation, and z-ordering.

create Action option of j Table is used to submit (POST) a 'create record form' to the server. ";"); //Return result to j Table $j Table Result = array(); $j Table Result['Result'] = "OK"; print json_encode($j Table Result); If Result is "ERROR", a Message property can explain the error reason.

In general, programs should avoid placing rendering code at any point where it might be invoked outside the scope of the paint callback. Because such code may be invoked at times when it is not appropriate to paint -- for instance, before the component is visible or has access to a valid with arguments defining only the region that requires updating.

A common mistake is to always invoke the no-arg version, which causes a repaint of the entire component, often resulting in unnecessary paint processing.

list Action option of j Table is used to get data to create table of records.

It's a regular URL as '/Getting Started/Person List'.

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