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Some believe the sun and the moon are simply holograms projected in the sky, to convince the masses that we are part of the universe which we are led to believe we are in.

Sometimes, these holograms need updates, flat earthers say.

The latest versions may be downloaded through the links below: Note that 32 bit versions should only be used if you're really in a 32 bit machine.

It's possible to verify the SHA256 of the downloaded file in: Li Clipse 4.4.0 files SHA256.

A person by the username Hoeskioeh wrote on Reddit: “Maintenance downtime of the sun/moon hologram, new firmware upgrade.”Another explanation is that the moon is actually much larger than the sun – in reality the sun’s diameter is 400 times larger than the moon’s – and it crosses in front of it to turn the day black.

It is always best to arrange a meeting where we can discuss your design ideas at our Norwich office or your place of business.So how do ‘Flat Earthers’, as they are known, explain the impending solar eclipse?The conspiracy theorists have taken to Reddit to detail how they believe the natural phenomenon occurs.We would not hesitate to recommend Eclipse Design and will certainly continue to use them for any graphic design requirements in the future.We deliver excellent graphic design and artwork on time and to budget.

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