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Move the brown clip about 2 millimeters in the direction shown by two arrows. Disconnect the video cable from the connector on the motherboard. Disconnect the touch pad cable from the motherboard. Start separating the top cover assemble from the notebook base. The USB board, audio board, cooling fan and DC-IN jack are mounted on the base. In order to remove the cooling fan, simply remove two screws securing the fan. Disconnect the cooling fan cable from the motherboard (yellow arrow). The part number should be located on a sticker in the memory compartment. Here’s the bottom case without motherboard installed.Driver Robot scans your computer and determines the exact model number of your MSI motherboard before downloading and installing the official drivers, right from the manufacturer.Driver Robot doesn't need to know your model number, revision number, or other technical specifications about your motherboard.You can trust that this software will not harm your computer while it's updating your MSI motherboard drivers.

Motherboard manufacturers are always releasing updates that make their hardware better and more stable.

Once the setup file is on your system, locate it and double-click on it to begin the installation process.

The installer will show you a splash screen welcoming you to the product. Now, review the End User License Agreement (EULA) and make sure you agree with it. The application will now install on to your computer, and configure itself for maximum compatibility with your system.

Don’t forget to remove two screws hidden in the CD/DVD drive bay. Start separating the speaker cover from the top cover. Insert the guitar pick between the speaker cover and case and slowly move along the side. In order to remove the cable, you’ll have to unlock the connector first.

Be careful, it’s still connected to the motherboard. By the way, it’s not necessary to separate the display panel assemble from the base in order to take it apart. 480481-001 for notebooks equipped with Intel processors.

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Its fast hardware scan automatically determines all of this information with 100% accuracy.

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