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He also spoke out on TV's Breakfast With Frost, saying the war could "light the touchpaper" of Islamic fundamentalism.

Dick James Music, who owned the rights to the song Can't Smile Without You by Barry Manilow, claimed Last Christmas was similar, but they never sued.

The most George has ever spent on a piece of clothing was pounds 1700 for a pale suede Versace jacket.

He ruined it the next day signing autographs at the airport when he leaned on a red ink pad.

Here are 40 things about the man himself to celebrate his special day. Yog - derived from the Greek pronunciation of Georgios - is the one favoured by his family and friends, while Andrew Ridgley calls him TLTI - The Legend That Is.

George's real name is Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou. He is also known as Knobby, the Greek and The Bubble.

For five months they were "blissfully happy", but then they found out Anselmo was ill.

Michael — who came out as gay in 1998 — and Fawaz have been together since at least 2012.

George was arrested in Los Angeles for propositioning an undercover LA vice policeman in a public toilet - he now says he doesn't know what he was thinking.

As a young teenager, George's parents made him play the violin.

The next week they were still at the top of the charts, so to celebrate, George's sister sewed lots of tiny sparkling stones on George's shirt.

George is partially colour-blind and wears contact lenses.

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His parents bought him a ring with Yog inscribed on it for his 21st birthday. When George made the video for Careless Whisper in Miami, the humidity made his hair curl. Pop superstar Elton John is one of George's closest friends.

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  1. So he asked me to get him the HSBC contact in Malaysia so he will sort it when he gets here. He says he plans on coming to visit me with his son at Christmas but now I’m unsure 😐 because he wants me to send him i Tunes cards. The quickest way to get rid of one of these scammers is ask them to prove who they are to you and tell them you want to do Face Time and believe me they disappear the minute you do that and trust me the minute you do that it goes from all I love you be my queen to you’re a bitch you’re heartless and anything else they can think of. Well, it did certainly teach me a lesson I won't forget anytime soon. The widower who’s an oil rig engineer with a 14-year-old son seems to be what these scammers learn when they’re trained.